DMM Muxponder Card

Product Features

  • Three-port multi-service Muxponder card: 2 x client ports; 1 x 2.5G line port
  • Client side: Gigabit Ethernet; Fibre Channel 1G
  • Physical Layer PMs, Loopback Tests
  • Pluggable optics modules: SFP-based client and line ports
  • Compact Design, Bi-Directional Support
  • CLI, SNMP and GigaView EMS, and Sorrento Networks Management System support.

2.5G Data Multiplexer Module (DMM) Muxponder – SFP Based

The DMM Muxponder is a low-cost route to doubling the capacity of Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel 1G transport over existing fibre infrastructure. The use if flexible SFP technology means that line cards and optics simplifies ordering and sparing.

The DMM Muxponder aggregates Gigabit Ethernet or 1G Fibre Channel or a mix of these protocols to a single WDM wavelength. The module supports client-side pluggable SFP optics using 850 nm multimode and 1310 nm singlemode as well as WDM SFP-based line-side optics. The module, a single slot and three port module, supports both 200GHz and 100GHz DWDM spaced channels as well as CWDM. By using the multiplexing features on this card, the operator can double their existing capacity to carry data services efficiently.

The DMM Muxponder is managed as an integral part of the GigaMux 3200 system via the Sorrento Networks Management System. Service provider and customers can manage remote network elements without an extensive IP infrastructure, provision new services, monitor, troubleshoot and isolate problems quickly and effectively. The Sorrento Networks Management System also supports remote download of software reducing maintenance costs and simplifying network upgrades. CLI, SNMP and GigaView 3200 management interfaces are also available.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions Single Slot
4″ H x .8″ W x 8.25″ D
(100 mm x 20 mm x 210 mm)
Interfaces SFP-based client and lineside interfaces
SFP commonly supported with LC/UPC
Standards Support GigaBit Ethernet:
Standard IEEE 802.3z/D5
Transparent, full-duplex with 1.25 Gbps throughput

Fibre Channel:
Standard ANSI X3.230 – 1994
Transparent, line rate of 1.06 Gbps
Regulatory Compliance (When properly installed in a GigaMux Chassis)
CE (GM3217 and GM3208)
Telcordia NEBS Level 3 Compliant (GM 3234/3217)

UL 1950, 3rd Edition
IEC 60950, 3rd Edition (according to CB Scheme)
EMC FCC Part 15 Class A (USA)
EN 55022 Class A Europe (GM3217)
EN 55022 Class B Europe (GM3208)
VCCI Class A (Japan)
Harmonics/Flicker Immunity
Telecom FCC Part 68 (USA)
Operating Requirements Operating Temperature: 41-104° F/5-40° C
Short Term Operating Temperature: 23 to 131° F/-5-55° C
Storage Temperature: -40 to 167° F/-40-75° C
Operating Humidity: 5% to 85%
Short Term Humidity: 5% to 90%

Ordering Information

SN-LXDMM DMM card: 2 Port Muxponder for GBE, 2x SFP Client and 1x SFP line port, SFPs required.
Line-Side SFP Transceiver
SN-GMSFP-2.5G-40CXX-80 2.5G Capable SFP – 80km, dispersion rated to 120km
SN-GMSFP-2.5G-40CXX-180 2.5G Capable SFP – dispersion rated to 180km
SN-GMSFP-2.5G-1550-80 2.5G Capable SFP – 80km, not for use in multiwavelength systems
Client-side SFP Transceiver
SN-GMSFP-1.25G-SX GE/FC 850 nm Multimode, Serial ID (LC/UPC).
SN-GMSFP-1.25G-SR1 GE/FC 1310 nm Single Mode, SR-1 (up to 2 km), Serial ID (LC/UPC).
SN-GMSFP-2.5G1G-MM 2.5 Gbps to 1.0G Multirate, 850 nm, Multimode, (300M), Serial ID.
SN-GMSFP-2.5G1G-10 2.5 Gbps to 1.0Gbps Multirate, 1310nm, Singlemode, (10KM), Serial ID , 2R supported

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