OTN10GF Muxponder Card

Product Features

  • 10-port Ethernet Muxponder: 8 x client ports; 2 x 10G line ports
  • Client side: Gigabit Ethernet; SONET / SDH with OTU-1
  • Line side: Client signals mapped into OTU-2
  • Dual 10G line-side support for protection and interneal pass-through
  • Sub-50ms line-side protection switching
  • FEC-enabled 100km line-side distances
  • Pluggable optics modules: SFP-based client ports; XFP-based line ports
  • Tunable XFP support
  • Compatible with GigaMux 3200 platforms
  • CLI, SNMP and GigaView 3200, and Sorrento Networks Mananagment System support

10G Optical Transport Network (OTN10GF) line card supports high levels of efficiency for multi-protocol transport – SFP and XFP-based

The Optical Transport Network (OTN10GF) line card combines multiprotocol support with high density efficient muxing for today’s high bandwidth and service consolidation requirements.

The OTN10GF line card offers:

  • Support for SONET OC3/OC12/OC48, SDH STM 1/4/16, and OTU1
  • Support for Gigabit Ethernet, 1/2/4G Fiber Channel
  • Add, drop, mux, pass-through on a single line card via a built-in switching capability
  • Dual 10G line-side support for sub-50ms protection and internal pass-through
  • FEC-enabled 100-km line-side distances

Built-In Add/Drop Functions

By integrating muxing and add/drop features, the OTN10GF line card eliminates the need for an external mux or add/drop device. In addition, by supporting both data and TDM rates, the OTN10GF card allows for collapsing legacy systems into a single transport system, thereby lowering management and maintenance costs when compared to a multiple device system.

Flexibile SFP and XFP Based Interfaces

The OTN10GF line card features SFP-based client interfaces and enables copper or fiber connections, thereby supporting a wide variety of distances and extending the reach to the customer demarcation. The OTN10GF line-side is XFP-based lineside optics with integrated FEC.

Network Topologies

  • Point-to-Point
  • Linear Add/Drop
  • Ring

OTN10GF is managed as an integral part of the GigaMux 3200 system using the Sorrento Networks Management System. Customers can manage remote network elements without an extensive IP infrastructure, provision new services, monitor, troubleshoot and isolate problems quickly and effectively. The Sorrento Networks Management System supports remote download of software, reducing maintenance costs to simplify network upgrades. CLI, SNMP and GigaView 3200 management interfaces are also available.


Technical Specifications

Operating Requirements 3 slot GigaMux 3200 line card
Features Line-side:
2 XFP-based LC/UPC connectors on pluggable optics
Automatic Protection Switching (APS)
Automatic Power Shut Down (APSD)
Line Loopback
Line performance monitoring
20 Gbit/s line side data rate

SFP-based LC/UPC connectors on pluggable optics
1, 2, 2.5, and 4 Gbit/s line rates
Client loopback
Client performance monitoring
Services Ethernet 1 Gbit/s—up to 8 client ports
ESCON—up to 4 client ports
Fibre Channel 1, 2, and 4 Gbit/s—up to 8 client ports
OTU-1—up to 2 client ports
SONET OC-3/12/48—up to 4 client
SDH STM-1/4/16—up to 4 client ports
Management CLI, GigaMux 3200
Channel Density DWDM channel spacing 50/100 GHz
C-Band Support
10G Tunable—up to 80 channels in C-Band
Operating Requirements Hot Swappable: Yes
Operating Temperature 5-40° C
Short Term Operating Temp -5-55&deg C
Storage Temperature -40-75° C
Operating Humidity 5% to 85
Short Term Humidity 5% to 90%
Regulatory CE, FCC, and UL

Ordering Information

SN-LXOTN10GF OTN10GF card: 8 Port Muxponder for Multirate upto 4G, 8x SFP Client and 2x XFP Line Ports, SFP and XFP required.
Line-Side XFP Transceiver
SN-GMXFP-10G-CWDMXXXX 10G Capable CWDM XFP – 1470-1610
SN-GMXFP-10G-40CT-80 80KM 10G DWDM XFP – Tunable Transponder
SN-GMXFP-10G-40CXX-80 10G Capable DWDM XFP – Available in ITU 19.5-59
Client-Side SFP Transceiver
SN-GMSFP-1.25G-SX GE/FC 850 nm Multimode, Serial ID (LC/UPC).
SN-GMSFP-1.25G-SR1 GE/FC 1310 nm Single Mode, SR-1 (up to 2 km), Serial ID (LC/UPC).
SN-GMSFP-2.5G1G-MM 2.5 Gbps to 1.0G Multirate, 850 nm, Multimode, (300M), Serial ID.
SN-GMSFP-2.5G1G-10 2.5 Gbps to 1.0Gbps Multirate, 1310nm, Singlemode, (10KM), Serial ID , 2R supported
SN-GMSFP-BIDIR-X-Y 2.5G Capable SFP – Single Fiber 15 km- X=1310/1550, Y= 1550/1310
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