GigaMux 3300

The 100G Platform

The latest addition to the GigaMux family is the ultra-compact GigaMux 3300 system, introducing a 100G (Gigabits per second) line-rate system. The solution is unique in both its low cost of deployment and compact footprint compared to other available offerings.

The increased bandwidth of this solution enables optical transport across metro edge and core topologies of native 100G client traffic, or the flexibility to multiplex up to ten 10G or two 40G client sources to a single 100G line. This boosts the bandwidth capacity of current fiber plants significantly, enabling operators to maximize their fiber utilization before investing in expensive additional plant. The alternative would be to lay or rent new fibers or purchase standard Ethernet services.

The innovative optics engine of the GigaMux 3300 100G solution lowers the cost threshold for smart coherent technology in the metro domain. Fiber spans of up to 1500km are supported, without regeneration, in addition to offering simplified network design with electronic dispersion compensation and operation over low quality fiber plant. Up to 80 100G channels can be supported per fibre using GigaMux 3000 and GigaMux 3200 photonic filters.

Key Features:

  • Allows current users of the Sorrento Networks GigaMux 3200 to multiplex existing 10G services to 100G, freeing wavelengths channels for future use.
  • The coherent nature of the GigaMux 3300 100G line signal enables 100G traffic to ride seamlessly over spare channels in existing GigaMux 3200 fiber infrastructure without further plant re-engineering.
  • 100G Platform up to 88 wavelength, usage in Metro Edge 10G deployment, Metro Core long distance applications or high capacity data centers.

GigaMux 3300: Product Family Datasheet

Download and view our GigaMux 3300 Family of products suitable for 10G and 100G services, expanding bandwidth for data center interconnect (DCI) and other data-intensive applications.
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