Data Center Connectivity

Data centers are now at the heart of the business for governments, research institutes, financial services, retailers, social media services and many more.

The demand for high data rates and huge capacity storage increases year after year. It is crucial to have data mirroring and a disaster recovery plan to avoid any loss of data and as part of that, security is critical.

The GigaMux 3200 and GigaMux 3300 products are ideal for data centre applications, where there is high demand for low power, low latency, high channel count and security.


GigaMux 3200: Data Centre & Campus Solutions

Discover how the GigaMux 3200 Family from Sorrento Networks meets the needs of campuses and data centers in our simplified, at-a-glance solution sheet. Download now.

The GigaMux products deliver transparent protocol transport for Ethernet and SAN Services up to 100G at 88 wavelengths with Layer One Encryption (AES256).

Applications Include

  • Financial Services, Banks, Insurance
  • Web Services Providers
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