Metro Optical Infrastructure

  • Metro Optical Infrastructure

With ever increasing bandwidth demand, Fixed and Mobile Carriers are being forced to deploy optical networks with high data rates in Metro Core or Metro Edge applications.

This can be Backhaul solutions for DSL rollouts (the newest Vectoring technology), FTTH and HFC Networks or High Bandwidth Business Services for Enterprises.

All IP Networks demand a stable, low delay optical infrastructure to transport the full range of services (Data, Voice, and Video) at a lower cost basis.

The GigaMux Product Family offers a scalable solution to address current and future capacity demands, plus a cost-effective deployment and low operational costs.

The GigaMux 3100, GigaMux 3200 and GigaMux 3300 can be deployed in different scenarios up to 100G at 88 wavelengths.

Metro Network Application

Applications Include

  • Wireline Operators
  • Utilities
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Rail and Transportation

Click to read our white paper, Chromatic Dispersion Compensation: Extending Your Reach

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