What is Fibre?

Deliver exceptional customer experiences at significantly reduced costs. Find out how with our free five-minute fibre networking guide.
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Maximise your bandwidth not your spend

Benefit from up to 80 channels per fibre pair with our low-power 10 Gigabit GigaMux 3200 DWDM platform to significantly reduce your operational costs.

Come to the dark side

Interested in a dark fibre connection but don’t know what’s involved? Find out more about our professional managed fibre services.

Are you protected in-flight?

Protect your business-critical data with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption and minimise your risk of eavesdropping and data theft.

Get Your Data Centre Connectivity Ready

Bandwidth demands are exponentially increasing and there’s a way out of the expensive leased line labyrinth. It’s fibre..

What is WDM?

We’ve got just the guide for beating the learning curve to wavelength division multiplexing. Read it now.

“This empowers VTG to offer 99.9999% availability so not only are they offering customers the bandwidth they require but also the maximum uptime with minimal latency.”

Case Study: VTG Chooses Sorrento to Build Secure Ultra-Low Latency Network

Sorrento Networks is the UK’s only manufacturer of fibre networking equipment. We offer tailored solutions to detailed requirements.

Sorrento Networks’ GigaMux range of optical fibre networking products and solutions include wavelength-based CWDM, DWDM and FTTH and FTTP technologies.

Our range of professional services can help you meet a wide range of network design, construction, maintenance and even training requirements.

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Dark Fibre

Dark Fibre What is Dark Fibre? The term “Dark fibre” refers to cables that have spare fibres inside that have no equipment at connected. Any fibre requires optical equipment connected to it before it can be used, using light signals to pass signals from end to end...


Fibre Fibre is famous for being able to provide high bandwidth connections. Sometime it is seen as beingin competition with Wireless network solutions and even cloud applications. But in reality there isno competition those very networks use fibre within their own...

Packet Optical Networking

Packet Optical Networking At-a-Glance Combines Optical Fibre technology with IP/Ethernet Technology Provide traffic management and multiplexing features within any overall fibre or WDM connection May include Layer 2 networking features such as VLAN tagging May include...

Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON)

Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON) At-a-Glance Gigabit Passive Optical Network A technology used for last mile residential fibre FTTH connections Uses an optical fibre connection that is shared between several users Individual fibres are connected together...

What is DWDM?

What is Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM)? At-a-Glance WDM Increases the capacity of fibre using the prism principle, whereby different colours (wavelengths) use the same fibre simultaneously. There are up to 80 wavelengths Each coloured channel behaves as an...

What is Dark Fibre?

What is Dark Fibre? In this Guide What is Dark Fibre? What is Wavelength Division Multiplexing? What is Dark Fibre? Dark fibre refers to fibre optic cables that have no equipment at either end, meaning it is “dark” and “unlit”. As dark fibre isn’t shared but dedicated...