Sorrento Networks has a range of technologies intended to make the best out of any Fibre Network. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to fibre and fibre optical communication and correct the choice depends on who you are and what you are trying to do.

Sorrento 3217
Sorrento Gigamux 3200 series
    • If you are an FTTH fibre to the premises or fibre to the home provider seeking to deliver Ultra Fast Broadband for residential or Smaller businesses then you may be interested in our GigaMux 5000 Passive Optical Network (PON) solution that supports GPON, NGPON2 and many others. If you would like a hybrid solution that supports Mobile backhaul and Fronthaul using CPRI we can also talk to you about our WDM-on-PON solution that combines FTTH with 5G
    • If you are a Data Centre user or operator and require Hyper fast Connections in multiples of 10G and 100G then you may be be interested in our GigaMux 3000, 3100, 3200, and 3300 series of WDM based solutions that support ultra high bandwidth connections as well as Encryption and Low Latency
    • If you are an enterprise seeking to reduce costly carrier Leased Line expense using Fibre then you may be interested in both our GigaMux 3000, 3100 and 3200 series of WDM solutions that are designed to make the most from your fibre or Dark Fibre connection
    • If you’re an ‘AltNet’ competitive Service provider needing to extend your network into a new location then you will be interested in our GigaMux 4000 Packet Optical solutions that provide service interworking and support for services such as Ethernet, TDM, SDH and PDH onto a converged modern network
    • If you would like to support the increasing demands of 5G Mobile Networks with their intense need for backhaul (or Fronthaul) connectivity to a burgeoning number of base station and antennas operating CPRI and Massive MiMo systems then you may well be interested in our hybrid Open Shared fibre infrastructure solution based on both GigaMux 5000 and GigaMux 3000 using our unique WDM-on-PON approach then please do look at our Technologies pages

Sorrento has a wide range of solutions designed to make the most of your fibre network, whether it is within a building, across a campus, across a city or across a continent.

Why Choose Sorrento Networks?


We've been transforming connectivity for 25 years for various applications in both large organisations and SMEs in many industries across Europe and the United States.


We've worked with some of the largest players in the industry and understand the importance of a sustainable and reliable network.


On every step of your fibre journey, we're with you  even after your network has been designed and built.

“This empowers VTG to offer 99.9999% availability so not only are they offering customers the bandwidth they require but also the maximum uptime with minimal latency.”

Case Study: VTG Chooses Sorrento to Build Secure Ultra-Low Latency Network

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