GigaMux 5000

Fibre to the Premises & Home Solution


  • GigaMux 5000 is Sorrento Network’s Hybrid Fibre-to-the-Premises solution. It combines several parts of our optical fibre expertise into one to enable the provision of services for a wide range of customers as possible, be that residential, business or carrier-style leased line services.
  • It can be used with either shared or direct fibre networks.
  • Range of direct fibre network technologies including DSL, NGPON2, GEPON, direct Ethernet and wavelength-based Ethernet or synchronous technologies.
  • Wide range of service rates – sub-100Mb/s to 10Gb/s and up.


The Sorrento Networks GigaMux 5000 solution provides ultrafast FTTP PON gigabit broadband services through to hyper-fast connectivity solutions at 10Gb/s and beyond, depending on the chosen market strategy of the fibre operator.

There are two versions of the GigaMux 5000 hybrid access network solution, each suited to slightly different population density scenarios and operational preferences:

Residential and small enterprise services: For this the GigaMux 5100 is used to provide Ethernet EPON based (including GEPON) connectivity designed to IEEE standards, suited to lower density residential services. On the other hand, the GigaMux 5200 may be used, being GPON based, designed to ITU standards and suitable for higher density population service delivery. Either type may be used where service providers have an operational preference.

If the fibre operator wishes to offer higher bandwidths and differentiated services and carrier class services as well as residential services, then the PON network can be overlaid with those as well.

Large enterprise carrier mobile and data centre services: A DWDM platform based on GigaMux 3000 family is used, creating a hybrid access network that allows the overlaying of leased line and dark fibre-style connections, such as symmetrical rate, ultra-high speed (10Gb/s multiples), low latency and advanced features such as military grade encryption on top of residential services.

All these services are delivered on the same fibre at the same time.


Hybrid Access Fibre Networks – GigaMux 5000 in EPON+DWDM form with GigaMux 5100 & GigaMux 3200

Hybrid Networks – GigaMux 5000 in GPON+DWDM form with GigaMux 5100 & GigaMux 3000

Hybrid Access Networking

Sorrento Network’s hybrid DWDM/PON networking approach allows the widest possible range of service types by making the most of the almost infinite capability of fibre connections suitable for a wide range of user types and industries. Whether individual residential broadband or carrier class connections suitable for mobile backhaul and data centre connections, it is all on the same fibre, allowing the greatest return on investment for deployed fibre while decreasing time to market.

Unlike other vendors, Sorrento Networks makes the most of all the fibre technologies available whether they be DWDM, GPON or EPON and are examples of access/core hybrid optical fibre core access networking (HOFCAN).

Why Choose Sorrento Networks?


We've been transforming connectivity for 25 years for various applications in both large organisations and SMEs in many industries across Europe and the United States.


We've worked with some of the largest players in the industry and understand the importance of a sustainable and reliable network.


On every step of your fibre journey, we're with you  even after your network has been designed and built.

“This empowers VTG to offer 99.9999% availability so not only are they offering customers the bandwidth they require but also the maximum uptime with minimal latency.”

Case Study: VTG Chooses Sorrento to Build Secure Ultra-Low Latency Network

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