Take Control of Your Infrastructure by Harnessing the Power of Fibre

Buildings, cities, countries and continents – Connect them all with fibre.

As both network and internet services become more data intensive that are being taken up by increasing numbers of users, it can feel as though the well of bandwidth is drying up. It can seem it’s increasingly expensive to keep up, which is preventing your business from growing.

With fibre, your bandwidth well never dries up with potentially unlimited bandwidth when used in combination with DWDM (dense-wavelength division multiplexing). Suitable for a wide variety of applications, a fibre infrastructure solution from Sorrento Networks can bring you the growth your business needs. Deploy ultra-fast and secure connectivity between data centres, on a campus or bring fibre-to-the-home to residential areas.

Virtually Unlimited Bandwidth

Lower Operating Costs

Scalable Deployments

Scalable Modular Design for Networks of All Sizes


Connect campus users on Wi-Fi, Ethernet and IP with virtually no bandwidth restrictions. Use of WDM-on-PON makes it ideal for FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) broadband applications, delivering potential speeds of up to one gigabit per client.


Combine fibre with DWDM to connect two or more locations that are hundreds or thousands of metres away for a high capacity, virtually unlimited bandwidth route. Its ultra-low latency makes it ideal for data centre interconnect, disaster recovery and financial market applications.

Long Haul

Expand the reach of fibre with our optical amplifiers and join offices in different countries and even different continents with high speed networks of up to 1500km. Our reassuring layer one AES-256 encryption the confidential information of you and your customers for peace of mind.


Our GigaMux platforms provides utility network operators with an evolutionary path to packet and wavelength systems that doesn’t force them to turn away from legacy and critical SCADA control systems. It delivers backhaul from distant locations as well as facilitate C37.94, POS and other vital gateway functions.

AES-256 Encryption Using the ODC2 Line Card

Learn how our ODC2 line card is protecting the inflight data of organisations with layer one AES-256 encryption and what it can do for you.

VTG Chooses Sorrento to Build Secure Ultra-Low Latency Network

Having to reach that bit further? Learn how to extend your fibre reach without suffering data loss or traffic interruption in our white paper.

What is Fibre?
An Easy-to-Read Guide

If your kind of fibre is the one you eat then our easy introductory “What is Fibre?” guide is for you.

Why Choose Sorrento Networks?


We've been transforming connectivity for 25 years for various applications in both large organisations and SMEs in many industries across Europe and the United States.


We've worked with some of the largest players in the industry and understand the importance of a sustainable and reliable network.


On every step of your fibre journey, we're with you  even after your network has been designed and built.

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