GPON & DWDM can Coexist

on the Same Fibre!


  • xPON Channels are standardised by ITU standards: G.983 , G.984, G.987, G.689
  • DWDM Channels are standardised by ITU standard: G.694.1
  • xPON Plan leaves gap for DWDM channels, for possible ‘RF on glass‘ CATV architecture.
  • Those channels can therefore be used for hybrid FTTx PON + DWDM service delivery supporting symmetric services such as 10Gb/s uncontended, presented as point to point native Ethernet


DWDM Channels

WDM and DWDM on PON creates a wavelength-based logical point-to-point architecture upon a physical point-to-multipoint fibre topology. WDM-PON is a simple concept that has the potential to become the unified access and backhaul technology of the future, carrying data from residential, business and carrier wholesale services on a single platform. Its long-reach capability and bandwidth scalability enables carriers to serve more customers from fewer active sites without compromising security and availability.



WDM-PON has the native ability to span distances of 100km. This reach exceeds the capabilities of TDMA-based PON technologies such as Ethernet PON (EPON) and Gigabit PON (GPON) and enables carriers to bypass existing local offices (LOs), consolidating traffic into one central office. Deutsche Telekom for example recently announced that it will introduce WDM technology into its access network and reduce its number of LOs from 9,000 to fewer than 900


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